A Family of Four.

A Syndicate.

“Riveted smiles, chipper gestures of body languages, heightened portrayal of togetherness, and the transfixion of eyes onto the camera: these are the conventions of a family portrait, but are these societal stigmas or loosely based perceptions? The unyielding beauty of photography is not contingent of the snapshot itself, but also the interpretation of the viewing audience. This surfaces an endless continuum of ideas and theories that attract each viewer differently to a single, solitary photograph. The word “Family” webs an intricate lace of associated words that convey this image and my submitted photograph explores this notion by showcasing an unconventional approach to a conventional pastime.  There are no lucid smiles or pantomiming gestures of kinship; only a child, a woman, and a man orchestrated in a triangular position with an aimlessness that induces a sense of ambiguity. This photograph serves as an atypical family portrait because it exhibits the child and woman faceless, providing them with no identity, while the adult male remains unparalleled projecting a stature of dominance by towering over both individuals and imbuing the frame with the only facial profile. The facet of lighting contributes to the deviation of this portrait by its vertical nature; as oppose to lighting techniques that illuminate from behind the camera, the direct sunlight premating through the ceiling reflect a sense of divinity upon the trio. In essence, this photograph portrays a basic social unit comprised of a child, mother, and father but captured in an unconventional way that depicts a unique approach to what a family portrait consists of: A Syndicate.”

-Joraynee Sarno.

family portrait, new york city, street photography, travel, Uncategorized

Family of Four, 2011.

A Family of Four.

Everything good and important isn’t so easy.


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