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The Classic 28 + L.A. | 2012

Classic 28 + L.A. | 2012

A few months ago I stumbled upon my nikkor 28 and had the inspiration to take a stroll around town and snap a few city flicks. At first very little or nothing at all caught my attention and that I had trouble focusing with this thing because it was full manual. I was conditioned to the luxury of having a full auto-focus glass and the quickness it provides to every single image but sometimes images does not have to be in focus every single time so I played around and started framing from every interesting corner I found myself drawn to.


2 thoughts on “The Classic 28 + L.A. | 2012

  1. Be says:

    Love this set, crazy how we are both onto the same feel lately. I wish I had the luxury to auto focus with my lenses though, I’m actually tired of having to manual focus all of the time. Specially when I miss some special shots. Nonetheless, I want to see more of your dtla blurred adventures.

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