Egg Whites & More | 2012

I think the great thing about spraining your foot is that you are forced to stay home and just rest. Well I am not the kind to just sit around and do nothing so first thing on my mind this morning was breakfast (I’m sure like every other human being.) I love eggs and the many goodies you can mix it with. Im discovering new taste buds from a little trial and error. I wonder what I should venture into next. Oh and I hate cleaning up.

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Egg Whites & More | 2012


3 thoughts on “Egg Whites & More | 2012

  1. Be says:

    looks delicious chef Ramsey. Since moving, I haven’t cooked much but looking at your posts has inspired me to get back in the kitchen. I look forward to seeing what Mogi’s kitchen cooks up next! May I suggest lentil soup? so easy and hardly any clean up perfect for anytime of day 🙂

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