The best part about this year is that I’ve welcomed a new kind of pleasure. The truest denominator of a life searingly well lived. The most basic, and yet incomprehensible concept of life: love. You know when people say “the best thing in life comes when you least expect it” well, she came and conquered. I was completely under her spell from the very first bite of that oh so delicious tuna melt to her strong desire to make anyone happy. I was more than infatuated with her mind and her unselfish ways. Her doting heart had a way of seducing me always in all ways. She quickly became the only exercise my heart and mind fancied. She invaded the area in my life like the spaces between my fingers and to the unknown corner of where I lay. Yes, she was definitely all that and more. She endorses one of those rare qualities that can make life better than perfect. I’ve memorized her many smiles, like the one she wears every single time I thanked her. I’ve charted the freckles and little lines around her face but I’ve always found myself  pasted on the mercy of her little soft lips. She still a force of habit, she still well built on my mind but above all she still an unspoiled perfection in my eyes. I asked for what I wanted, I found what I needed. Regrets are unprofessional but it is necessary. Only unfulfilled love can be romantic right? I guess the most amorous kind of stories are the ones left not only untold but untitled as well.



Untitled | 2012


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