A Fresh Start | 2013

The other day I finally dove in one of the few dollar bookstores around town and found a couple keepers. You walk in looking for what you want but you will definitely walk out finding what you need. So yeah, it’s January all over again and my first half marathon is in a few days away. ( http://www.newyearsrace.com/ ) This marathon will be the blueprint to my goals for the new year. I am more anxious than afraid. Anxious at the fact that this will be a great boost to what will be a successful and influential new year. Afraid that I won’t finish under my desired time  but I know this experience will just be a starting line. Yes, this sprained ankle took a toll on my training but I am and will complete this marathon best way I can. Cliche as it sounds but since I found solitude from running, it became my personal art – like poetry in motion. It’s what you do with yours that matter. Art is what matters most. The greatest comforts of marathon training is it neatly divides your life into what you must do and what you can’t do. It is important for us to play in the future, to exercise our minds around possible futures. A new year is a new journey and I am taking more chances this time around. Humble yourself with great people. I’ve learned that it is completely okay to look back at the old things and see them in a new light. You can only benefit and grow from what you take versus to what you didn’t. An elite runner once said “you don’t always have to push beyond your limits, but to simply reach it more often.” Consistency is character.


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A Fresh Start | 2013


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