About Me | 2013

I am anything but idling. I have lofty life goals. I seek constant personal growth and development. My urgency to feel a wave of emotion is so strong it is palpable on my skin. I have callings, not jobs. I may seem intense but deeply committed to everything I do. I dare greatly in pursuit of my vision. I possess a childlike naivete in the belief that I can leave legacies. I’ve been happy outsiders since birth. I’ve never been content to run with the herd. I have a strong bullshit detectors. I want to beat words and wisdom out of my heart. I am interested in what the “Jone’s” crave. I want to see people, really see people. I have been this way since childhood.

I want to be around people who are just blowing up with creativity and courage.


About Me | 2013


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