Into New Parts | 2013

A couple of years ago a man handed a woman his whole heart. Since then, this moment has been the best and most challenging thing I’ve ever witnessed; and, after all these seasons, there is still nothing I am more proud of. I definitely want this.

There is no way to interpret the language of this heart but bare with me. My story is my favorite secret. A story that belongs right here but lingers on infinitely. We are on our way to each other, that I know. I just can’t wait to hold you, weep with you, laugh with you, run with you, fight with you, thrive with you, unfold with you every day for the rest of my life. And when you arrive, we will never stop changing. Never stop growing, shedding, breaking and billowing into new parts of each other, new parts of ourselves. Here’s to conscious commitment. Here’s to the freaking miracle that we’re here, now. Here’s to all the years and lines and thrills we have still to earn and learn. Here’s for a fleeting moment.


A Fleeting Moment | 2013


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