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Find Me | 2017


Another solar spin, I’ve learned so much this past year. They say if you never tasted a bad apple, you would not appreciate a good apple. You have to experience life to understand life. Now that my inner peace is sensei-level, I am ready for a new spin. I’m always grateful to exist, grateful to be here. I thank god everyday that he chose me to do what I sometimes don’t understand but obey anyways. Vulnerability is underrated. Maybe I still do not know where life will find me at the end of days, but I take solace that I can reflect on moments like this.

Life is simple, its beautiful.

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Tending | 2016


“Traveling is a brutality.

It forces you trust strangers and

to lose sight of all that

familiar comfort of home and friends.

you are constantly off balance.

Nothing is yours except

the essential things:

air, sleep, dreams, sea, the sky.

All things tending towards

the eternal or what we imagine of it.”


-Cesare Pavese




My Volume | 2014

Some days must feel more unusual and surprising than they do ritual. I’ve turned down the volume a little and have dedicated my time over the last few months to purely work that has called me to stretch, push, break down, pick up, and humble myself before a dizzying array of social dynamics in ways I do not yet and may never have words to paint. I’m feeling a bit numb right now – to the success and failure, to what the work is giving and what it’s taking away. Regardless, I’m certain the impact of it all is positively permanent, and that the excruciating and thrilling days are teaching me something. I must follow through by working smarter and staying humble. For now I’m just feeling the moment, and the moment isn’t good nor bad. The moment just is.


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My Volume | 2014


Color Me Bad | 2013

strictly for your viewing pleasure.

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Fried Quinoa | 2013