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Tending | 2016


“Traveling is a brutality.

It forces you trust strangers and

to lose sight of all that

familiar comfort of home and friends.

you are constantly off balance.

Nothing is yours except

the essential things:

air, sleep, dreams, sea, the sky.

All things tending towards

the eternal or what we imagine of it.”


-Cesare Pavese




Better Up | 2014

Believing that I can make something good of my life is so brutal sometimes, but also intensely rich. I can only hope that in ten, twenty, fifty years I will be this resilient, this passionate. I can only hope I’ll be this curious, foolish and humbled in my smallness. While I can only hope for you to love how deeply I loved, how bad we royally fucked things up, how hard we tried, and how explicit we were in our search for opportunities to be better.



Better Up | 2014