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Find Me | 2017


Another solar spin, I’ve learned so much this past year. They say if you never tasted a bad apple, you would not appreciate a good apple. You have to experience life to understand life. Now that my inner peace is sensei-level, I am ready for a new spin. I’m always grateful to exist, grateful to be here. I thank god everyday that he chose me to do what I sometimes don’t understand but obey anyways. Vulnerability is underrated. Maybe I still do not know where life will find me at the end of days, but I take solace that I can reflect on moments like this.

Life is simple, its beautiful.

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Thirty One | 2016



They say too much pride can kill you. Maybe. Too little of it is just as true. These days I’ve only been listening to myself and doing things for myself. Nobody will understand this path and I am only reaching for something I know I deserve. I’ve ignored those who are good. I appreciate your light.  I am just trying to shine on my own for now. Allowing people to let you go and to also keep you are couple of things I’m mastering.  It’s a dangerous thing yet sheltering. Grasping the honesty of reality while opening myself to possibilities. I do not wish to be indecisive, my ribcage is more miracle that it does hold lung. You can never be wrong doing the right thing. I’m doing whats best, I’m evolving, I’m fighting, and I’m always learning. Being patient and marveling without guard. The rough roads and weather are mines to keep and to travel through. Life is moving and time has a pulse. I’m grateful for this pace that’s meant for me and the healthiest thing for my heart is to move with it. I may be alone in this right now but I will keep  those who not only want to see me rise, but want to rise alongside me. The unexpected intrusions of beauty is that every next level of my life will demand a different me. Give time time.



Truth is | 2015



My thoughts are like stars I cannot fathom into constellations. I have to learn to trust – it is my greatest asset. Trusting that it ain’t all for nothing. I am and will be strong enough to go through it. Embracing the same energy that is moving this universe, that’s organizing this whole thing into one marvelous symphony, the intelligent principle that crafted the stars and the constellations, that that energy is flowing through me, it is me and for me. This life needs to totally breakdown before something new can ever emerge. Sometimes the worst thing that can ever happen can turn out to be the best thing. Often times so much of the pain I feel is the old breaking down to make way for the new. I know I have to keep going because my perseverance over whatever I’m going through is more mammoth a victory than I could ever possibly imagine. With all of the inspirations, and all of the teachers and their wisdom, there is still only one qualified being in this entire cosmos that has the capacity to have an answer, and that is me.

truth is that this life is not falling apart, it is falling together.


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A Chapter | 2015

Everybody has a chapter they don’t read out loud. I just wish mines isn’t so complicated.

for that I am sorry for parts of me that aren’t legible.

….and “if the essence of my being has caused a smile upon your face or a touch of joy within your heart. Then in living – I have made my mark.”

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset